Shermag Glider Rocker

The glider rocker belongs to the shaking chair family, yet the significant elements vary and the glider has an activity all its very own. They both relocate smoothly and quietly. Both the shaking chair and the glider rocker bring us relaxation and comfort which makes either one a great addition to our home.

The shaking chair has two bent rockers under the legs. As the resident of the chair changes his weight or pushes off with his feet, the shaking activity starts. The glider rocker removals horizontally forward and back. Instead of remaining on bent rockers, the base of the glider rests strongly on the floor. Shermag Glider Rocker.

This makes it difficult for a kid or pet dog to be caught under the rocker while in activity. Side panels extend downward from the chair arms or seat.shermag glider rocker,shermag glider rocker cushion set,


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